United Airlines – United needs more merger training


United Airlines – United needs more merger training

Posted on Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 at 10:39pm CDT by f3248e94

Company: United Airlines

Location: US

URL: www.ual.com

Category: Airlines

It is definitely frustrating that United has not worked out the customer service kinks with their merger and general customer service.

1) I had a credit on Continental and instead of issuing me an electronic ticket, they issued me a paper ticket that I could only exchange in person at the airport (in the year 2012, I feel like airlines should allow as much self service as possible online. It’s almost as if they want to make it as difficult as possible to use your credits)

2) Once I made a reservation on hold and went to the airport, I literally spent the first 10 minutes being shuffled between desks. No one seemed to be able to help me. I was finally walked over to a desk. Next I spent almost 1 hour having 4 people huddle around their monitor to try to figure out how to apply my paper ticket credit and another electronic ticket to my new reservation I had on hold. This does not seem like a super unique event, especially since paper tickets are still being issued but I stood for an hour watching people bounce add their 2 cents to the transaction

3) I had mentioned that the electronic ticket that I was applying and had canceled, had 40K of points that were not returned to my account (I had used them for an upgrade when I booked). I was told I had to call Mileage Plus. When I called Mileage Plus, I was told I had to call the reservation desk. Being a veteran with United, I insisted that I was sent to Mileage Plus and asked to be put on hold while she called someone. Of course she returned with a resolution.

4) From a website perspective, it is very user unfriendly that you can no longer see past reservations, unless you know your reservation number nor can you see reservations you booked for others.

Ultimately, I feel the airline is too quick to point customers to someone else because they don’t want to handle more complicated scenarios. The merger customer service does not seem to have worked out the kinks as far as customer service goes.



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