The sluttiest crankwhore I have ever met


The sluttiest crankwhore I have ever metPosted by daddysgirl 120 days ago

RATINGBurdette Ave
Evansville, IN 47714 USShe is a horrible mother, a ####, and loves to hang out doing drugs and having sex instead of feeding her own child. The absolutely worst person I have ever met in my life. OHHHH and her new boyfriend that is living there is a registered sex offender. Watch out for you children. Area Foreclosures1646 ft²4.00 Bed2.00 Bath$90000.002264 ft²4.00 Bed2.00 Bath$95000.002294 ft²2.00 Bed1.00 Bath$69900.00908 ft²2.00 Bed1.00 Bath$33000.00864 ft²2.00 Bed1.00 Bath$29900.00          

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CommentsWho Voted written by LennyPane 105 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – How many crank ###### do you know, exactly?

written by jerzypeach 116 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – If the kids are really in danger, perhaps it would be better to contact your local child protection services than blog about it.

written by daddysgirl 114 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – He’s registered and the local child protection service has been notified. Just wanted to put the word out for the people that don’t know.

written by RuprectHallows 119 days ago Rating: 1 | Rate Comment: + – I would be more concerned for _her_ children if there really is a registered sex offender living there.

written by daddysgirl 114 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – There is nothing that can be done about that. Some people have already tried.

written by rudder669 119 days ago Rating: 2 | Rate Comment: + – I know #### just like that she lives on the porch of her dad’s house LOL.

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