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User Comment/Rating bpeterson82
Created On: 03/18/2008 15:56:11 Flag As Abuse

Officer Wright is a gentleman, scholar and man of liesure

Created On: 03/17/2008 21:37:16 Flag As Abuse

No gray area with him. He enforces the law as it is written. It may not be the spirit of the law but it is the letter of the law.

Created On: 03/09/2008 18:30:11 Flag As Abuse

What an assh***!!!

Created On: 03/05/2008 23:02:24 Flag As Abuse

this guy is the reason I no longer trust cops. he is a liar

Created On: 03/05/2008 21:37:47 Flag As Abuse


Created On: 03/05/2008 15:20:32 Flag As Abuse

This officer has no respect for the law and I can’t understand how he is still on the force. I was the passenger in a DUI stop. We were in my vehicle at the time, so when officer Wright asked for registration and proof of insurance I began to look through the glove box. I had current papers for both, but I also had all previous registration papers and insurance cards in my 8 year old truck. Officer Wright quickly grew impatient and asked the driver to exit the vehicle, and told me to keep looking. When I finally sorted through all of my papers in the dark officer Wright was administering his FST’s on the driver. I exited the vehicle to present my doentation to officer Wright. As I approached told me to get back in the truck, I raised my doents in the air and said I found my paperwork, at that point he freaked out like I had never seen before, screaming and yelling at me to get back in the truck as he radioed for back up. So I did as he said and got back in the truck. The driver was arrested for dui and sitting in back of the patrol car and officer Wright stood and talked to the officers that showed up as back up. After a while officer Wright approached the passenger side window of my truck where I was sitting, and asked me how many drinks I had this evening. Being that it is not against the law to consume alcohol I was curious as to why the question was being posed to me, but I replied with a best estimated of about 8. At that time officer Wright asked me to exit the vehicle and step over by the other officers by his patrol car, so I did and he followed. I stood with my back to the patrol car, facing officer Wright and the other officers. Officer Wright told me to turn around, I asked why, and he said you are under arrest, and I asked for what? Instead of telling me what I was under arrest for he started to draw his mace can, so I quickly turned around to spare myself that anguish. As officer Wright drove us back to the station, I continuously begged him to simply tell me what I was under arrest for, and he simply ignored me, and would smile with a sense of smug satisfaction. Once I was at the police station I was begging everyone I came across to please find out what I was under arrest for, no one could seem to get officer Wright to say what I was under arrest for. I did not know the charges against me until I went in front of the judge in the morning. He ended up charging me with 3 things, failure to comply, hindering prosecution, and one other frivolous charge I can no longer recall. The prosecutor was determined to pursue this case unless I accepted his plea bargain. I refused his offers and had to retain an attorney. The prosecuting attorney pursued the charges all the way to the day of the trail. When the judge entered the courtroom he said to the prosecutor, “I understand you want to motion to dismiss the charges.” He said yes (maybe he decided to actually read the police report that morning before the trial). When the prosecuting attorney said yes the judge chuckled and said, “I thought there was going to be some interesting prosecution in this case.” I was vindicated, but my trust in the system has been badly shaken. I filed a complaint about officer Wright with the Gilbert police department, but I never heard anything back about my complaint. Officer Wright is the DUI king of Gilbert Arizona and that brings in a ton of money. Officer Wright is apparently allowed to do what ever he wants with little or no respect for the actual law. PUBLIC BEWARE OF THIS OFFICER; HE PROBABLY HAS A TASER GUN NOW!!!


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