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Pay 18% gratuity and get: NO service.

Water St
Denver, CO 80211 US

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Posted byConsumer007 82 days ago

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This experience was just bad from beginning to end. I am assistant organizer for a professional networking group, and we have dinner and brunch monthly at various venues in Denver. I have loved the Downtown Aquarium restaurant in the past because of its proximity to the giant tank, where you can gaze and daydream looking at all the cool fish, sharks, and yes even live scuba divers in the tank. Well no more. The “service” from wait staff there has become an absolute pathetic non-funny joke. TWICE now I have brought people there and been burned. This last time (Sunday evening), we had a group of about 12 people there and here are the horrors that “Monster Breath MATTHEW” subjected us to: 1. Myself and a guest arrived at the table about 15 minutes later than everyone else. Mathew saw us arrive and came and went 2 or 3 more times without offering us anything to drink or greet us. 2. After finally taking our drink order (after I glared at him from across the room), Matthew took another 10 minutes to actually bring the drink tray, but then, alas, gratification denied, as he promptly walked away without handing them to us. (Oh yeah, he didn’t bother to check my ID as the state requires him to for a liquor drink). 5 minutes later he comes by to finish the job, hands one of us a drink and walks off again. Sigh. 3. In the meantime, I realize the whole group is being made to wait about 45 minutes for any food, including the appetizer DESPITE the fact there are like 7 or 8 waiters and the place is half empty (bad sign, REALLY bad sign.)4. He then brings the appetizer with no appetizer plates for the group of 12 people, then promptly leaves before we can ask for it. Another staff member comes up to check on things and makes some vague reference to a problem in the kitchen, and that it’s “not Matthew’s fault” (whatever!). She brings the plates.5. When the main entrees come, Matthew got one order at the other side of the table completely wrong, and due to the long wait factor, the patron over there declines to have him bring the CORRECT dish. 6. Drinks on the table are consistently not refilled throughout the meal. Oh and the water I asked to Matthew for to accompany my meal – he never does bring it, so a friend grabs the water pitcher and glass off his serving tray and helps me out, lol. 7. While Matthew does manage to bring the separate checks correctly, we see that he has helped himself by including a MANDATORY 18 percent gratuity he DID NOT earn. 8. Oh yes, and top it all off, my friend got a whiff of Matthew’s Bad Breath. Okay now let me clarify a few things. This restaurant operation is a high-visibility stop, $20-30 entree item prices, waiters wearing ties, run by Landry’s which is supposed to be a fine sea food dining organization. Therefore I think I’m quite safe in saying that Matthew’s pathetic attempt at waitering is unacceptable to say the least, let alone charging us 18 per cent for his services. I asked Matthew for the general manager’s phone number at the end of the meal, and at first he -conveniently- said he was “all out of pens” – yeah whatever, and the same helpful friend smiled demonically and handed Matthew the pen, lol. Then he stammered and said “well, what will I write on?” And I helpfully suggested my reciept… Gee, no question about why I wanted this or soliciting if anything was wrong…sigh. He writes out not his general manager’s direct line, as asked, but the general phone number for the store (gee thanks) and “Fred Tate”. I have left “Fred” a VM and we’ll see if he’s really the GM or not…he better be if Matthew values his patetic little retail half-life there…This is the second time I have had a more-than patehtic dining experience there, the previous time almost a year ago with only 3 of us dining there, when I had to lay out the manager in front of our table (to the grins and applause from other disgusted patrons listening in admiringly). So much for giving people a second chance…no more. WHY do some of these restaurants just insist on imploding when it comes to service, and maddeningly, one with such potential, high drawing power and visibility????!!!!!

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CommentsWho Voted written by andrew3987 30 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -1 | Rate Comment: + – He probably didn’t ID you because you are obviously a ###### OLD hag. Quit lying about your age!

written by Dogsexwife 51 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -2 | Rate Comment: + – That restaurant is good and all but I can stand seeing fish while I eat. The moving of the gills, the soulless stares… nothing that is conducive to a fine meal. I would sooner watch a cow defecate indoors than have a bunch of creepy looking fish eyeing my food.

written by MonsterbreathMatthew 58 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -5 | Rate Comment: + – All you saw in here was a couple of clowns eating a big plate of beef. White…powdery….beef .

written by MarineOne 59 days ago Rating: 2 | Rate Comment: + – I disagree with all who think the OP is wrong. If you’re paying a mandatory 18% for service, then the service should exist and it should be #### GOOD.

written by MonsterbreathMatthew 59 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -3 | Rate Comment: + – There was a problem in the kitchen… those things were beyond my control. I have bad breath because three of my molars are cracked and disintegrating and I can’t afford to have them fixed yet. I brush regularly but within minutes I can taste that the smell is coming back so I eat a lot of mints and gum but sometimes I am in a rush and cannot do so.

Your dirty looks told me everything I needed to know at the time and I had to assist in the kitchen. Were I not back there to assist there is no way my testicles could have come in contact with every morsel of food on your plate.

written by meljus 62 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -1 | Rate Comment: + – Isn’t this suppose to be about neighbors. You are such a weirdo. Anyway, I worked in the restaurant business but got out precisely because of people like you. I highly doubt your experience was as bad as you say. Believe me people there are actually diners out there who go out of their way to harass restaurants and their staff. If your other experiences Counsumer 00idiot were so bad then why did you torture them with another visit?

written by clownstotheleft 72 days ago Rating: 2 | Rate Comment: + – This is a business complaint, not a rotten neighbor.

written by houseseller 69 days ago Rating: 3 | Rate Comment: + – I agree.

Call the BBB or something.

written by oscar2008 72 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -3 | Rate Comment: + – I wonder how many times you feel ill after “dining out”. Waiters have a very effective way of dealing with “glaring” customers like you and your “demonic” friends.

written by driver23 75 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -2 | Rate Comment: + – What gives you the right to use this mans name in your post on here? did he tell you that you could use his name. how would you like it if somebody wrote crap about you and named you by name and where you worked? I bet you would not like it. Man I would take you to court for slander, and usin my name on a public forum without permission. Maybe somebody needs to tell him about this.

written by Mortiana27 61 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -1 | Rate Comment: + – Most waiter/waitress nametags are fake names anyway. Can you blame them?

written by urajackbutt 76 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -3 | Rate Comment: + – Consumer007 is a knob with a 12 moronic, long winded complaint posts about restaurants, businesses, a grocery store and even a parking lot around Denver and Aurora CO plus 2 more about Aurora homes- probably people unlucky enough to be the neighbors of this dipsh!t. As someone already mentioned, consumer007 is a crackpot. Consumer007, quit being an idiot, whining b!tch already. I live in Denver and not only disagree with the reviews you gave on places I too have visited, I’m embarassed that you are drawing this kind of negative attention to our community because you are bored, self-important and friendless. Please just shut up.

written by quietlywatching 76 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – I am so glad Im not a waitress. If I were to run into a problemed guest, such as yourself, I would be unemployeed after telling you where you could stuff your pen.

I applaud all you waiters and waitresses out there for biting your tongues when having the displeasure of waiting on nasty people, such as the author of this thread!

written by Mortiana27 61 days ago Rating: 2 | Rate Comment: + – it’s easy to bite your tongue when sabotaging their food is so much easier…

written by driver23 76 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -4 | Rate Comment: + – yah people like you who think they are the top of the snob chain deserve the treatment you got. yah you think your **** don’t stink when was the last time you smelled your breath after a long days work. oh you must just sit in a office and eat mints all day. so shutup and go somewhere else. that kid might of had a bad day somethings going on at home or things you just may not know about. so get off his back and try being alittle more polite and not so demanding. you know give me this get me that and right now or else i’m going to squeel like a pig to your manager.

written by Mortiana27 61 days ago Rating: 3 | Rate Comment: + – There is absolutely NO excuse for bad breath in your waiter or waitress. How difficult is it to pop a mint before going to your table? How difficult is it to zip into the bathroom and brush your teeth or rinse your mouth out halfway through your shift?

A waiter/waitress earn their paycheck based on their service. If the waiter chooses to give bad service then it stands to reason he earns less money. There was no reason you HAD to pay the full 18% tip, and if he wanted to raise a fuss about your choice to not pay the full 18%, then you should have asked him to get his supervising manager out to hear the reason.

written by tombawaitsyou 79 days ago Rating: 2 | Rate Comment: + – Consumer007 is a crackpot. Just read his other posts for the proof.

written by Consumer007 76 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -3 | Rate Comment: + – screw you

written by kjd 79 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -4 | Rate Comment: + – great, more JERKS dining out. you must think you’re so much better than people who have to serve rude snobs. that’s what you get for asking for separate checks on a party of 12.

written by Consumer007 76 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -2 | Rate Comment: + – yeah like you and everyone else doesn’t ask for the very same thing when YOU dine out. Hypocrite.

written by MAR123 79 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -2 | Rate Comment: + – Everyone has off days, even waiters at restaurants. You should really lay off.

You sound like the type of person who would be a good investment if you were realestate….if someone could buy you for what you are actually worth, and sell you for what you think you are worth.

written by Demolitionman 79 days ago Rating: 4 | Rate Comment: + – I was there the night in question and remember how obnoxious your party was.We were sitting right next to your table and I was telling my wife how I wanted to smack you upside your face.You and your party could not have been ruder to the server.Stop your whining and crying!!!!

written by Consumer007 76 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -4 | Rate Comment: + – Oh whatever liar.

written by MisterSophisticate 79 days ago Rating: 4 | Rate Comment: + – If you had a problem with the service, you should have taken it up with the shift supervisor on duty before you left the premises. Moreover, you were not obligated to include the 18% suggested gratuity if you were unsatisfied; that’s still another matter it would have been better to take up with the supervisor on duty that evening before you left. (Personally, I would think that a table of 12 for an evening meal, just might require two servers paying attention to it, but that’s a judgment call for the business managers.) At a minimum, I’d get in touch with the general manager and let him know, in a civil and dispassionate manner of course, exactly why I was unhappy with his business. Most good managers really do want to hear about those things but, again, the key is to be civil and professional in your approach. If you’re going to call up the guy just to berate him, don’t waste your time.

written by Consumer007 76 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -3 | Rate Comment: + – Thank you, I did. The manager was very receptive and offered to refund all UNEARNED gratuities.

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