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Nearly 3,000 Names Recovered from Rate My Cop Archive


We have recovered almost 3,000 names of officers reviewed by users of the original police review website Rate My Cop. The names were recovered from the Wayback Machine. In many cases the names came with comments posted by users about their performance, but in most cases all we recovered were names of officers along with what department they work for and no reviews. We will be adding a rating widget to this site shortly so that people can rate these officers. Users can already posts comments, so if you see an officer you’d like to say something about go ahead. You can browse the Rate My Cop content by going to the Rate My Cop archive.

If you want to add an officer, we don’t permit that on OMG! Its Back! Fortunately we know of  a great website for sharing your story if you’ve ever been less than absolutely 100% completely satisfied with law enforcement. It is called Cop Blaster where users put bad cops on blast.


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