Mitch is NOT manager material


Mitch is NOT manager material  Blockbuster Video
10051 Highland Rd
Hartland, MI 48353

I also had a horrible experience with Mitch, the store manager at Blockbuster video. The day of my encounter I had tried calling up to blockbuster to find out if they had a wii fit in stock. I was put on hold 3 seperate times and then never helped any of the times. All together I waited on hold with those 3 phone calls 15 minutes. So I went TO the store and asked to speak to the manager who unfortunately at the time was Mitch. I attempted to explain that I had been rudely treated on the phone and he constantly interrupted me. He then told me that he did not care that I was a customer on the phone, that I was not a priority to him and that he would help me when he felt like it. I told him his mangerial skills were horrible. He replied that again, he didn’t care and that I had a poor attitude. He then was very difficult about providing me with HIS managers contact information. I finally got it and left the store. She called me back 2 days later and was very apologetic and promised to have a talk with Mitch regarding his behavior. I’m not sure what happened to customer service but the blockbuster in Hartland apparently does NOT offer it. And obviously this Mitch guy is NOT a people person and should NOT be in the customer service industry. If I were to EVER make a comment to a customer regarding their attitude I would get fired on the spot. Must be nice working for a company where you can say whatever you want to your customers and not suffer any consequences. At least we can all be content that Mitch is a miserable person with a miserable life and should probably be pitied by the rest of us.

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