Missing/Damage Luggage


Missing/Damage Luggage  Missing/Damage Luggage

Spirit Airlines :On May 31 2006 i went on vaction to jamaica, the flight i had was with SpiritAir Lines, when i got to the airport in montego Bay Ja. my larger peice of luggage was missing, i file my missing luggage report, The representitive told me thae i would recieved my luggagewithin 24hrs i did not recievedi it and no one had called me. i had tocalled them; i called approx 3-4 times perday for 13 days overseas and in the island of jamaica, leaving messages, half the time no one would return my calls. My total calls was $10,000.00 in jamaica which equals $150.00us. i had to buy new suitcase so i could transfer the little that i had left into a brand new one

On my way back to the us the NEW suitcase that i had bougth was again ripth apart. I had to buy clothing while i was there, I was also very inconvenete i could not go about my business, i sent in a claim to the company in the amount of$1638.00 they did not compensate/re-emburse me for my lost neither for my two weeks of pain and suffering. Please do somthing about this for me.


Pearl Reid

Orlando, fl

Thank you,


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