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Relationship Type: Straight
Victim’s Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: Through Friends
2/20/12 4:58 PM
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We met through mutual friends and i got pregnant and was due in sept 2011. I had the baby in Oct 2011 and he had cheated on me right after i had the baby. It had started out not so well because he was recieving and sending naked pics of himself to another female and she was doing the same, however this was not the one he slept with. We will call her Ms R. He then lied to me about going and seein her in person and continued talkin to her behind my back so her pics went to youtube needless to say. We then was plannin a trip to penn. however i found out before we left that it was to an old friend wit benefits he had, so the trip was cancelled. He always went out drinkin wit his buddies and that was fine. However, he would always tell me “I’m on my home baby i love you” and ill be home in 45 min baby and would never show up till the next day with no explaination of what happened but i got drunk. while he was always out wit his friends that was always broke so he would wind up payin for them too he would never answer my phone calls or reply to my texts. Ms r always was sending me and my 12 yr old daughter threatening messages, yeah thats mature, and he would never do nothin about it. He would leave his facebook open and i would always find new messages to other girls with him tryin to hook up with them on the “downlow” and inviting them to go out drinking and sex texting. I have even seen the sex texts between him and ms. R also. i had went to jail one night and he had moved out cause i never came home, duh i had an AI. we had an apt together an after i found out he had cheated on me wit ms S right after i gave birth he moved out without tellin me and then had the electric and water shut off on a fri and i couldnt have the trucks come back out to mon to have everything turned back on. needless to say after a week we was back together. he was married twice before and was never faithful to them either. He is just in it for what he can get out of the relationship and has even told me stories bout sleepin wit like 6 different females in the same day without even showering!! He has always choosen beer over me and has done the same in the past wit every other female he has been wit. he has always went through my phone an everything else but i never had nothing to hide like he always had! if u are lookin just to get laid he is ur type otherwise BEWARE!!! he is a cheatin, lyin, abuser, if u see him u should run the other way!! he is not relationship material for anyone

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Posted By: stephlynnUser Verified | 2/22/12 3:34 PM This person is also known as PAUL MICHAEL REILLY or MIKE REILLY. I just also found out that while we was together on superbowl sunday he was talkin to multiple women. What a sleeze!! So i hope he likes the word “child support” cause thats all i got left in my heart for him!! Login to reply | Report
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September 3, 2011Mike Reillywats goin on at your house?September 3, 2011S.C.what’s going on at my house now??absolutely nothingSeptember 3, 2011Mike ReillyyepSeptember 3, 2011S.C.me and the dogsreal excitingSeptember 3, 2011Mike Reillywe could make it exciting? lolSeptember 3, 2011S.C.you are badSeptember 3, 2011Mike Reillywhat?its just me and youheheSeptember 3, 2011S.C.ya know…i’d rather it be exciting if you were actually hereSeptember 3, 2011Mike Reillyfor sure, but lets ply?September 3, 2011S>C>come on now…I am not that type of girl Login to reply | Report
 2000 Characters Limit 2000 Left | Cancel   |   Submit Posted By: stephlynnUser Verified | 2/22/12 3:44 PM PROOF OF CHEATING

March 1, 2011Mike Reillyhey. Can u keep a secret?i like j******* as a friend* i dont want to be with her. I would like to get to know you. So on the down low, would u be interested. Call me. 859*******. We can talk if u want. Later. March 1, 2011L.C.man, i can’t do that. J*****e is my best friend. if you dont wanna be with her you need to tell her. don’t lead her on, thats f*cked up. i mean you’re cool but johnnie is my bst friend i could never do her like that.March 1, 2011Mike Reillyi have. I respect that. Its cool. Jus askin.March 1, 2011L>C>thanks for understanding Login to reply | Report
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Name: Paul Reilly Age: 30 Sexual Preference: N/A Country: Location: Florence, KY Gender: Male Zodiac Sign: Cancer Maiden Name: N/A Relationship Status: In a relationship Profession: Other Education level: High school University: N/A Found Cheating On: Other Ethnicity: White or Caucasian Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Height: 6 ft 2 in Weight: 220 Tattoos: Yes


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  • Swegs

    Why would you stay with this guy and get back together with him? Makes no sense.


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