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Complaint InformationProduct:Northwest 2020 Microfilm ReaderCompany:Document Imaging Supply CoLocation:P.O. Box 8806
Alta Loma, Ca, 91701, USURL: Imaging Supply Co – Missing Parts

Posted on Monday, September 29th, 2008 at 3:32pm by 263726e2

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On 9/9/2008 I placed an order on line with Document Imaging Supply – Microfilm Shop.

I ordered a new # 3764 Northwest 2020 U-Joint. Cost $34.00 – paid with Visa.

On 9/24/08 received the U-Joint in the mail.

The U-Joint was missing a screw.

So I e-mailed Document Imaging Supply – Microfilm Shop, about the missing screw.

Received an e-mail back from Evis Beaton. See below.

—– Original Message —–

From: Document Imaging Supply Co.

To: ‘Ed Chrisp’

Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 6:08 PM

Subject: RE: About Your Order: 1621

That is how they came from the factory. You can remove the set screws from the old u-joint to use on the new.


Evis R. Beaton Product Manager Document Imaging Supply Co.

I e-mailed Evis back explaining, that I had discarded the broken part when I ordered a new one. Why keep it.

—– Original Message —–

From: Document Imaging Supply Co.

To: ‘Ed Chrisp’

Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008 12:34 PM

Subject: RE: About Your Order: 1621

You did get a new one, right from the factory. They are apparently coming without set screws. Normally a part is removed and thrown away at the time it is replaced with a new one. I ordered 8 U-joints to fill your order and others with no issues except for the one you got. If you will measure the diameter of the set screw, I will see if we can find a suitable replacement. I believe each u-joint has 4 threaded holes. If you used only two (One on lower joint and one on upper joint) with a little thread lock, it will work fine.

Regards, Evis R. Beaton Product Manager Document Imaging Supply Co.


I e-mailed back to Evis Beaton, see below.



You seem to have lots of excuses for not filling my order properly.

I paid $34.00 for a new part – that is inadequate.

Please fix it – make it right – no excuses.

I bought the U-Joint from Document Imaging Supply Co not the factory.

Dori Chrisp


So after all these e-mails my questions are:

1. My question is why I’m I getting the run around, about a new part U-Joint with missing parts cost of $34.00?

2. Why is Evis Beaton implying I’m not normal, because I discarded the old part when I ordered a new one? Why keep a part that is broken?

3. Why Does Evis Beaton want me to use used screws (when I paid for new ones) and in Evis last e-mail he wants me to use 2 screws (when the part is made to use 4 screws?)

4. Why I’m I getting nothing, but excuses for not having my order filled properly?

5. Why I’m I paying $34.00 for an inadequate part??

6. Is this the way Document Imaging Supply does business, with a first time customer?

7. Does the U-Joint for #3764 Northwest 2020 – come new – with only 3 screws instead of 4.

8. If so why is that not listed on your on line part description????????????????????

9. How is Document Imaging Supply going to handle my complaint?


He is nothing, but excuses and a waste of my time.

Thank you.

Dori Chrisp

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7ca0705d, 2010-09-25, 11:53AM CDT

Although I understand your concern, from his reply, it’s obvious Evis was trying to help you. It’s also obvious that YOU are completely unwilling to comprehend that this is not his fault, and that it’s entirely possible that what he stated was 100% correct and true. Maybe the set screws were not sold with the part, but are considered actually separate parts, that need to be ordered separately. In that case, I’d put the blame on the manufacturer, of which Document Imaging obviously is not.

Anonymous, 2011-02-14, 01:07PM CST

Now,Evis Beaton is a defendant in a Federal Lawsuit. This can be seen onlne if you search his name.

bf18a538, 2011-07-31, 08:05PM CDT

Now Involved in a Federal Lawsuit (2010) involving possible copyright infrigment and or other allegations.Filed in the State of Wisconsin

Oslo L., 2012-08-08, 12:32PM CDT

Evis R. Beaton was found liable in United States Federal Court Case No#10-C-7064 for the amount of $278,457.42 for Patent infringement.In essence Evis R. Beaton took another companies product/invention and has been selling it in the US and aboard as his own. The U.S. Patent office is now investigating this case for possible criminal prosecution. If you have purchased any scanning device from Evis R. Beaton or Document Imaging Supply Company or you may have a cause of action to recover amounts paid to him or his bogus companies. Scanning devices sold be Evis R. Beaton are actually the property of e-image data Corporation of Hartford, Wisconsin. Last known address of Evis R. Beaton is Monument Colorado.

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